Document Requirements 

Be sure to review the document requirements before applying. We are not responsible for delays caused by insufficient documentation. Originals received from the client will be returned once the evaluation is complete. We will keep the photocopies as well as any documents received directly from a school.


Select your country to begin. This will download a word document containing the document requirements for your country. If you went to school in multiple countries, you will need to view the requirements for each country as the requirements may differ.


Required documents will need to be mailed. If a physical address is required for the courier (FedEx, UPS, DHL) you will need to contact us. Failure to provide an accurate address may result in a lost package.If you are sending it through the US Postal Service you may send it to our PO box.

Be sure to include a complete set of legible photocopies with your required documents. If we do not receive the necessary copies, the originals may be kept or a $50 fee will be charged for us to make the copies for you.

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