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Specialized Applications

We realize that some schools send us a large volume of students. IACEI has created a form to help us gather some information about your school or institution and find out what you would like to see from us. After you complete and submit this form, we will create a customized application tailored to your needs as an institution. We will then provide you with a link  that you may place on your website or hand out to students in your admissions office. We will also list your institution on our website so that your students may still access the link even if they lose their link. By creating this application, we hope to eliminate much of the confusion that can come with the evaluation process. Our goal is to make things easier for you as an institution as well as the students.Simply print this form and fill it out. When you have finished you may scan and send it by email or print it an mail it to us through the USPS. As soon as we receive it we will begin working on the specialized application and the application hand-out, then send those to you using the contact information provided on the form.

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