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Document Requirements for Argentina

If you are evaluating University level education, click this link to enter our Qualification Check Portal. You can search the schools listed in your country.


If the University or Universities that you attended are listed, please complete the necessary steps to request verification of your records through their website. Qualification Check is a company that can verify the authenticity of your records which will enable us to evaluate them.  Qualification Check has their own fees which you will pay through their portal. When they ask where to verify the results, please give them our email address ( ).


When you apply for an Evaluation of your credentials by IACEI please go to our website (  As you go through the application process, please select the Qualification Check Fee in addition to your Evaluation Service (General Evaluation / Detailed Evaluation / or Detailed Evaluation with GPA).  The Qualification Fee will pay for the Verification Reports that we will receive and print for you.  No physical documents should need to be submitted to us by you.


If your University is NOT listed or you are only evaluating HIGH SCHOO level education, please review the other options listed below.


***Electronic submission of documents ($20 fee applies).


  1. Verified-documents are emailed directly to IACEI ( from the issuing institution from an official school email address.


  1. Client emails documents to IACEI and provides information on how to verify the authenticity of the documents online either through an online portal or through an official email address for the office that issued the documents.


  1. Client emails unverified documents to us with no verification information. IACEI will issue an Evaluation with a Disclaimer Statement stating that we could not verify the authenticity of the records.  Later, if you are able to provide the Original Documents or details on how we can verify them, then the Disclaimer Statement can be removed and you can order new copies through our website.


Physical submission of Original Documents (no additional fees). Click the link below to view the document requirements for your country in a word document downloaded to your computer.

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